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A Brief History
Lake Oneida Beach Property Owners Association (LOBPOA)
In 1923 the Syracuse Herald newspaper sold lots, 20 x 100 or 2,000 square feet, for $58.50 down and monthly payments of $2.50 to persons who bought a 6 month subscription to the newspaper.
In 1923, no zoning laws existed.
In 1924, Lake Oneida Property Owners Association filed and was approved for incorporation in Madison County. The land involved is located between Jefferson Avenue and Syracuse Herald Avenue.
December 15, 1936 the Certificate for Incorporation was dissolved by the Secretary of State.
In 1957, Zoning Ordinances were first passed requiring a minimum of 12,000 square feet of land to build.
The Federal Government will not fund municipalities with non-taxed properties, forcing Madison County to foreclose on the lakefront property.
June 22, 1978 the Lake Oneida Beach Property Owners Association Inc. registered a Certificate of Incorporation, re-chartered, and purchased the lake front property from the Town of Sullivan for the payment of back taxes. The back taxes were in excess of $6,000. The original value of this property was $25,000, however the property value was reduced to $5,000 and an informal agreement between the Association and the Town of Sullivan was made and the lakefront property was sold to the Association for $1500. The Association will continue to pay taxes in the future based on the assessment that had been agreed upon.
In 1979, The Association deeded the roads running North and South (from Route 31 to Oneida Lake Avenue) to the Town of Sullivan thus affording the following services to the property owners: passable roads wide enough for 2 cars to pass, ditches for water run-off, increased police protection, school bus services, mail service, regular plowing and the availability of mortgage funding.
This information was gathered from various sources including newspaper articles and letters made available on August 2, 1989. Anyone interested in updating or adding to our history is welcome to do so. Please contact a member of the Board of Directors to do so.

The meeting will be held on the lakefront 7/22 at 7 (weather permitting),

with a rain date of 7/29n (same time/location)

If You Have Bottles or Cans That You Would Like To Donate To L.O.B.P.O.A.
You Can Take Them To Creek Side Bottle Return in Bridgeport.
Tell Them The Bottle and Cans are for L.O.B.P.O.A.

Meeting Schedule


Annual Meeting         July 22, 2020


We need to have a quorum of at least 25 members in order to have a meeting and conduct business. Please plan on attending. Member & Annual Meetings are open to all residents of LOBPOA area.

Member and Annual Meetings will be held at the Oneida Lake Congressional Church, 2508 Route 31, Canastota at 7 PM. Doors open at 6:30. Please come early if paying dues or picking up membership card.




June 24, 2020 June 17, 2020
 *JULY 22, 2020 July 20, 2020

Lake Oneida Beach Property Owners Association, Inc.

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Bridgeport, NY  13030



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