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Association Rules
Lake Oneida Beach Property Owners Association (LOBPOA)
These rules are in addition to any current bylaws for the LOBPOA.
1. You must be a current paid member or authorized guest of the LOBPOA to utilize the lakefront privileges or have any right of entry to Oneida Lake from the Association property.
2. Parking on the lakefront is only permitted parallel to the roadside with 2 wheels on the road.
a. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.
3. All swimming is at your own risk. There are no designated swimming areas.
4. No dumping of anything is permitted anywhere on the lakefront property.
a. This includes branches and limbs over the banks as this promotes the growth of poison ivy.
b. The LOBPOA has a carry-in/carry-out policy. Members must keep all areas clean and carry-out all trash. The property should be left cleaner than you found it.
c. Any personal items left on the lakefront, such as picnic tables, chairs, grills, etc., become community property and may be used by any other member.
5. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the lakefront.
a. Golf carts, three wheelers, four wheelers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc., are unauthorized.
b. Snowmobiles must access the lake utilizing the Cayuga Ave, Jefferson Ave, and Madison Ave boat launch sites only.
6. The Association does not assume responsibility for the items left on the lakefront. Each member will be held financially liable for any damages to the Association property by themselves, their family, or their guests.
7. No trees or branches are to be cut without written permission from the Board of Directors. This written request must include: who will be cutting and cleaning up the tree or shrub, the exact location of the tree or shrub in question, why the request should be granted, when the scheduled work intends to start/end, and precisely how much cutting will be involved. A written permission or denial letter will follow.
NOTE: Weed-whacking, lawn mowing, using shears, hedge trimmers, etc. does not require preauthorization.
8. All campfires are to be closely monitored and follow the guidelines given by the Town of Sullivan Fire Marshal. This includes no burning of household garbage, plastic, tires, or any non campfire materials.
9. In order to prevent general liability issues, the Officers and Board of Directors cannot support or condone any illegal activities on any properties or facilities owned, leased, or contracted by the Association.
Approved July 25, 2011 



1.     Check with the “DOCK COMMITTEE” for space assignment.

2.     Any person with a dock or hoist must provide the LOBPOA with a certificate of insurance.

3.     Docks are to be 15 feet apart, center to center, and each section and/or hoist is to bear the identification of the owner.

4.     The boat hoist is to be on the east side of the dock.

5.     The lakefront access adjacent to the dock/hoist area, including the waters edge, must be kept clean and groomed at all times.

6.     Docks and hoists, once in the water, become the private property and responsibility of the owner.